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If you have some exposure to social media, it’s difficult to ignore hashtags. The hashtag symbol is a common feature in social media posts. But, the question here is; what do Hashtags do, and why are they relevant to digital marketing? With expert input from a leading digital marketing agency in Halifax, Canada; this blogs sheds light on the relevance of hashtags for digital marketing services. Read further to know more.

What are Hashtags?

Hashtagging or using hashtags on social media is a way of labeling your content to denote a specific theme or a specific category of information by using the ‘#’ placed before a word, or a string of words, without spaces in between. For example –

In the social media post above, ‘Facebook Marketing’ is hashtagged by placing ‘#’ symbol in front of Facebook Marketing without spaces, to categorize and label ‘Facebook Marketing’ to make it easier for other users to find any posts related to ‘Facebook Marketing’, including the post illustrated above.

As such,

  • Hashtags are used to label and categorize social media post, which in turn makes said post easier to find, simply by using the relevant hashtag
  • Hashtags make it easier to explore social media posts, based on your preferences
  • Hashtags make it easier to target your audience, and achieve targeted outreach through social media posts
  • The leading digital marketing agency in Halifax, and others around Canada, rely on the use of hashtags to provide effective digital marketing services to clients looking to promote their businesses on social media

The Purpose of Hashtags

Hashtags very clearly do serve a purpose. Social media is very clearly a source of information overload; hashtags allow social media users to zone in on specific information, as and when required.

According to a leading digital marketing agency in Halifax, the use of hashtags is widespread on social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google Plus. All of these social platforms are hubs for marketing and promotions for companies of differing business verticals; and digital marketing services in Canada and elsewhere, often focus their attention on reaching target audiences for business promotions and advertising using hashtags on these platforms.

4 Good Reasons to Start Using Hashtags:

According to the leading digital marketing agency in Halifax, among others; the use of hashtags is advised when posting commercial content (advertising/marketing posts) to social media, for the following reasons –  

  • Hashtags Makes Search Easy – hashtag searching automatically pulls up all relevant social media posts using said hashtag. As such, hashtagging not only makes search easy but also ensures that you reach your target audience with much ease.
  • Hashtags Facilitate Action – when a hashtag piques a user’s interest, said hashtag motivates the user to search and bring up all content using said hashtag. As such, hashtags facilitate action and user engagement.
  • Hashtags Evolve – the evolution of Hashtagging is extending beyond the usual social media platforms, giving rise to even more content marketing and advertising opportunities, according to digital marketing services experts.
  • Hashtags Reward Distinction – a distinctive hashtag pulls up targeted content, allowing for greater outreach for businesses advertising on social media. More so, a unique hashtag sets your advertising message apart, attracting the attention of users looking for relevant posts.

Pro Tips for Getting Hashtagging Right

Digital marketing services experts recommend the use of industry-centric hashtags to reach your target audience, bearing in mind that this process often requires trial and error before getting it right.

While hashtags can be general or very specific to your industry and the products/services you offer; experts recommend an emphasis on hashtags that categorize your services/products for your target audience.

Moreover, experimentation and consistency is required when using hashtags on social media. Repeated use of a specific hashtag compels traction, and repeated hashtag use does have a correlation with audience growth.

However, when a hashtag fails to catch on, it becomes necessary to change your hashtag strategy. Though, it’s best to give your hashtags time to catch on. Changing your hashtag ever so often is not recommended, especially so when consistency is key to achieving marketing impact through hashtagging.

While hashtagging is recommended for social media promotional posts, the overuse of hashtags is best avoided. Two to three hashtags are ideal for a single social media post. Moreover, it is important to employ the use of analytics to know the impact of your hashtags, and to device a hashtag strategy accordingly.

Pro Tips for Identifying Industry Hashtags

Letting you in on an industry secret; the leading digital marketing agency in Halifax recommends the use of Twitter, Topsy, and other social media platforms to identify hashtags that are unique to your industry.

Topsy is a brilliant hashtag source, allowing you to stay abreast of trending hashtags. Moreover, your use of social media platforms can provide insight into the relevant hashtags being used by your competitors.

Analytics ensures that you have an idea of the general impact of your hashtag use on your target audience, no matter the hashtags used. As such, a combination of social media, Topsy and analytics is the preferred route for hashtag identification.

Overall, hashtagging is important for digital marketing, especially so on digital marketing platform. Hashtagging labels and categorizes your promotional posts on social media, allowing your target audience to find your services with a simple hashtag search.

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