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Strengthen your social media presence through SMO

More than 70% of customers make use of social media when taking a buying decision. We will help you make their decision easy by creating a spectacular social media presence for your brand. In addition to creating a great value for your brand online, our social media optimization (SMO) experts will provide the best SMO services in Halifax and across Canada to help in maintaining its long-term success.

We leverage all the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and others to connect you with your target customers effortlessly.

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How Social Media is helping businesses across the globe

  • Generates traffic: In addition to email marketing and search engines, the top source of generating website traffic and driving online sales is Social Media. So SMO services are equally important as SEO services

  • Improves website’s visibility: SMO helps you increase website visibility by attracting a large of people who interact on social media forums and communities.

  • Paid Options / Paid Promotions: SMO provides multiple paid options that help in reaching out to targeted customers. For case in point, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Linkedin ads, and others. These paid options seem light on the pocket when compared to the success rate they offer.

  • Quick Popularity: Looking for quick popularity? Gone are the days when businesses had to depend on television and print advertisements. In this digital era, SMO can make your business gain popularity overnight.

  • Share quick updates: SMO provides you an excellent platform for announcing the launch of a new product / service or a press release that you want your potential customers to see. With the massive reach that SMO proffers, you can even tap consumers living under a rock.

How SMO works ?

Customer engagement

We will help you actively engage with your target audience through constructive comments, ensuring your brand is being mentioned extensively on social media, and increasing the rate of shares, likes, and plus ones.

Thought leadership

We will turn your brand image into that of a thought leader. Through social media optimization, we ensure your brand’s voice to be heard, celebrated and followed.

Right social media platforms

It is more than necessary to be seen on the right social media platforms and be a part of the right social communities. Our veterans will help you make the right choice to maximise the benefits you through SMO.

Brand image

Our SMO services will make you identifiable as a brand to your target audience. We will assist you in building your brand’s reputation and personality by spreading your core message, mission, and values, across social media platforms.

Building trust

Being authoritative and trusted by people offline and online is essential for a brand. Our experts will help you gain the trust of your customers through Google Authorship and social proofing.

Strong social networking

Having a powerful social network is the way forward to a successful online business. We will do the social listening on your behalf, exchange ideas with industry experts, and expand your brand’s connectivity.

Technical aspects

Our skilled team will take care of the technical aspects of SMO services that include proper use of share buttons, optimizing social icons, and generating shareable content, rich snippets, keyword-specific title tags, and high-quality images.